Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Are you fracking kidding me?!

I embarked on a new adventure this week. Much less scary than I originally thought. I am watching a friend's son after school for a few hours. He is 6 and he is the sweetest boy ever.

 Alicia on the other hand, loves him to pieces and has started peeing in her panties when playing with him because it is inconvenient for her to stop. ARE YOU FRACKING KIDDING ME?!?!?!? You can play with 13 kids during school with toys that are not yours but you will PEE at your own house!?!? COME ON. NO more regressions. I am SOOOO tired of going through so many pairs of panties during the day!!!!! Night time has gotten much better now you have to pee while playing HOLY CRAP CHILD go buy your own diapers if you want to be a baby. Rob your piggy bank. I have a non-potty trained kid. HE IS AN ACTUAL BABY. PEE IN THE TOILET.


I eat turkey I eat turkey, yes I do, Yes I do, Turkey in my tummy, yummy yummy yummy, I eat turkey. (To the theme of where is thumbkin.) You are welcome for getting it stuck in your head too. Mean old preschool.

I haven't been on much for a few reasons (excuses again) When I charge my laptop, my husband steals it to watch Netflix downstairs while he searches the internet. I have also been waiting for this sickness crap to finally exit my house so I can get back to running again. ALSO shark-week still isn't on a fracking schedule yet and I would love to kick it in the face for that.

Levi is officially a walker now (2 1/2 weeks in) and is attempting to run already. I am not like most moms, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE this stage. I love not having to carry them around all the time! Now the talking (back) I could wait for! He can grow up until now, but now he needs to slow down and stay my sweet cuddle monster.

Alicia is learning so much at school its creepy! She came home yesterday singing the theme song from "Happy Days" telling me she knew all the days of the week. NOW that song is stuck in my head. (You're welcome) If not, Sunday Monday HAPPY DAYS, Tuesday Wednesday HAPPY DAYS, Thursday Friday, HAPPY DAYS, Saturday 7 days, Grooving all week with you!!! ((bahahaha))

My husband has informed me that he is surprising me for my birthday for 7 kid free days somewhere doing something! The catch is, I have to find a place for them to bug someone else for 7 days! Let me know if you want a day, or 7. :-)

I am also suppose to talk to my sister about this trip too since she will have to coach a game, possibly two without me.... oops, I should call her now before she reads this.


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