Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Screw Wine

Today was one of those horrible days that by 5 o'clock you want to scream, cry, kick a brick wall. I know my blood pressure was through the roof because I felt like my eyes wanted to pop out of their sockets. It was a bunch of tiny things of course.

Getting Alicia to pick up her toys and shoes is as fun as pulling the tooth off a chigger. I hate repeating myself. HATE. I do it all day long. 

I tried to make hair bows today. MAJOR FAIL.

Today was Alicia's picture day at school. She was absent yesterday so I didn't get to see the flyer to remind myself so she wasn't dressed in anything special and her hair was down. I didn't get to run today. Or go to the library. My debit card stopped working. That was fun. 

By the time Jon woke up I was ready for straight shots. Screw the wine. Bring on the hard stuff. (Sadly I didn't drink anything, should have... still might...)

I have been training for a 10K in February, which for those of you that know me and how over weight I am might think I'm joking. Nope. I'm not. I've gotten to 2.5 miles per run, moving it up to 3 miles tomorrow. Taking training advice and starting a "long run" habit on the weekend. Trying to figure out how long to start with.

I really wish I had a great neighbor next door that I could hang out with. Or across the street where there is a house for sale. Move in people. Be my friend. I always have wine!!!''


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