Sunday, November 3, 2013

Stuck in snot

I hate the endless cycle of getting sick and staying sick. With two kids it now seems inevitable. One person gets sick and passes it along, making its way around our entire family and back to the person of origin. Alicia is sick again. She never kicked the runny nose from two weeks ago, and is now coughing, won't eat, a friend brought me popsicles since I couldn't get her to drink anything and is now running a fever. Kid  number one in my bed tonight. I'm hoping Levi will sleep well too, we all need major rest to get this crud out of my house.

Soccer is over YAY! I mean soooo sad. I am not a soccer person. I know Alicia had fun up until the last two weeks where she was just done, but I can't wait for her to be in something I enjoy too. I think gymnastics might be up next. We discussed dance and Karate but I think her attention span and energy level of standing still for a class might be a little too challenging.

Halloween is officially over... Kind of. LOL. Levi's birthday party is going to be a monster bash in December so that is going to be a blast. Its my way of keeping the Halloween spirit going!!

I have no triple A batteries in my house, why would I? All loud and obnoxious toys take double A's, those I have 100 of. No batteries means crapped out thermometer. I was just informed that there "is an app for that" I shit you not. There is, I can't find one that doesn't have an attachment required or doesn't cost 10.00.... but wow.

Off to sleep after downing emergen-c, I'm not a happy sick person. If I can dodge it, that would be fantastic, last time sucked monkey balls.


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