Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Those brave enough

I would like to start off by saying a HUGE thank you to my daughters two preschool teachers. I have loved them all year, and gained even more respect for them today after helping with their fall festival today. Alicia goes to school Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays. The kid size goes between 14 and 6 for those four days. She comes home and is talking about how much she loves her teachers, and they do a fantastic job sending home daily progress reports on what they learned, how much they eat and if they napped. I cannot imagine being a preschool teacher. Not even for a week. Those brave enough I more than commend you, I tip my hat to you and demand that you ask for a raise. Playing 100 questions with Alicia all day is a blast. (If you don't have a three year old borrow one for a week ((LEGALLY PLEASE)) I can't even imagine playing it with 14 kids all day for 5 days a week. These ladies are angels I have decided that I need to win the lottery and give these ladies a huge chunk of it. Kudos to preschool teachers. You have my utmost respect.

The fall festival was a blast, I had Levi so juggling him during his nap time and watching Alicia have a blast with her friends equaled one another out. Seeing her huge smile when she saw me during their parade just made my day. She had no idea we stayed for it. I volunteered to help pass out candy at one of 5 trick or treat stations (which was a blast since Levi knows what suckers are) We wrapped it up, Levi and I met a friend who gave us an amazing amount of boy clothes that I can't thank here enough for. We had lunch with my mom and sister and her friend from Ohio. Went home, fed and changed Levi, put him down for a much needed nap and picked Alicia up from school.

Home from school, played, made a snack, went to Alicia's final soccer practice for this year which was bitter sweet. Her last game is Saturday and hopefully she will feel like playing. I plan on bribing her LOL. Bring out the money!!

Came home ate dinner, at this point Alicia is beyond sleepy and freezing. Bathe her, read her a story and put her to bed.

 Fun day planned tomorrow. Laundry (yay) Pictures, trick or treating at my moms work, and something else I know I have planned but I didn't write it on my calender so I guess I'm just waiting for someone to text me mad saying I stood them up for something. Oh Well. Shit happens.


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