Monday, October 21, 2013


Whew, today is over! THANK THE LORD! No I'm halfway kidding. Today went by really smoothly compared to my nightmare yesterday, with one hiccup. Remember my mother in law stopping by unannounced? Well she invited herself over for today to have lunch with me and the kids. Husband wasn't invited of course since he needed to sleep for work tonight. 

We get in the car and she decides that we need to buy pumpkins for the kids... a task that we were going to do as a family on Friday but what the hell why not. Jon can't get mad since it is HIS mom's idea right?!
Well I ask where she wants to begin, she says Lowes... because they always have a huge selection of pumpkins. Okay, sure lets go. We drive to Lowes, unload two kids, walk around, there isn't a pumpkin in sight. We ask a guy in the garden section and he says they have been out of pumpkins for two weeks and we should try somewhere else. Ugh, Ok fine. She decides that Target should be our next adventure. Works for me, load up two kids drive down the road to Target. Go in, they have 7 pumpkins left in the entire store. You know, the "pretty ones." We buy two, however Alicia needs a small pumpkin for preschool. Not the ridiculously tiny, so small it can fit in your hand ones, the one the size of her head. Well Target didn't have any, because they now only had 5 pumpkins that were not in our cart. I told MIL that I would go get her pumpkin later and that we can go to eat, but of course "Naw don't be silly we are already out" Alicia is hungry, Alicia wins. We load up two kids, I say Raising Canes, Alicia says IHOP, Alicia wins. Sure why not. We eat, finish, load up two kids, we discuss Walmart, Drive there, Unload two kids, we find the effing mother-load of pumpkins. ((I want to bash my face on the cart at this point I am so over shopping. I hate shopping with a passion I was DONE DONE DONE and very sad that we didn't come here to begin with.)) We decide on Alicia's pumpkin. Crap now we need candles. We hike across WallyWorld to the Home Living section, because I'm wrong and they are suppose to be in the cosmetic section.... ah hem... nope found in Home Living where I said they would be. Check out, load up two kids. MIL is exhausted from hauling my kids shopping for 3 1/2 hours, (whowuddathunk) and she goes home. It is now 6 and I have an hour to get the kids in a fantastic mood(Kidding), and dinner on the table. I made it! Hubs walks down the stairs as dinner is ready!!

No wine needed today, Wanted, but not needed. OH! I went to ALL of those stores and didn't buy toilet paper at any of them. FACEPALM. 

So the aftershock of a suprise MIL visit results in a lunchdate/shopping experience of the week.


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