Friday, October 25, 2013

Holy Thrift Store Needed

We decorated our house for Halloween today ((SUPER EXCITING!!!) however, we now have a much bigger house on the exterior to decorate than at our old house. A run to the thrift store is a major must if possible this weekend. I'm also very sad that I'm not going to be able to make my spiderweb tunnel here at this house. At least not this year. :-( My husband bought me two presents (Halloween related of course!!) One we have put up and she is beyond creepy!! I have named her Moanica (Monica- MOANica Get it!?)

She is taller than me, I would guess 5ft 8in? Her eyes glow red and she looks REAL. She is standing outside my front door and I keep thinking someone is out there every time I walk by! I will get pictures of the rest of my house tomorrow in the day light. If you are ever in need of Halloween decorations start at your thrift store and let your 10 year old self's imagination go CRAZY! I love that place! I'm going to get clothes to make a new scarecrow also, mine from my last house won't work here. LOVE LOVE LOVE Halloween!

I also cleaned my house today!! Complete shock, I KNOW!!! It looks like we can actually have people come over without them thinking that we live off the floor!! 

My MIL made her appearance (2 hours late but hey she showed up when she told Alicia she would!) She brought over bird feeders for Alicia to watch for birds with.... The first one that she put up hasn't been touched, I haven't seen a bird in my yard in a couple of weeks. Oh well, it will save money by not having to buy bird seed this winter! Alicia loves my MIL and always has fun when she is over. She couldn't stay to carve pumpkins so we will try to knock that out during this already jam packed weekend *YAY* 

Alicia has two days at school next week where she has to dress up for Halloween, naturally she has two different costumes :) I'll post pictures after I have her dressed up on Monday and Tuesday.

Jon and Levi both went to bed at 7, poor hubs, he stayed awake all day from working last night to decorate for Halloween with me and spend time with the kids. He will be feeling it tomorrow for sure!

We bought a (second) park bench this week for our master Halloween decorating plan that includes a zombie jail and the lady selling it was actually liquidating everything that she owned so she can sail the world with her husband and three kids. HOLY CRAP!!! That sounds like fun! We asked when she would be back and she said they won't. It is their new life style. Living on their sail boat, traveling the world. Two daughters are scuba certified and their other wants to be certified in cliff diving so they are starting in New Zealand. 

Today was going so well until the tired monster came and ate Alicia.YIKES, I let her stay awake for 25 minutes so I could finish up here and she has flipped a 180, good lord. Serves me right for trying to write when she is awake. LeSigh.

Soccer, Gender Reveal, Thrift Store, Decorating, Laundry POSSIBLY a Trunk or Treat tomorrow. YIKES It is 8:30 I should go to bed!


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