Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Adult Conversation!!

Today we had our "monthly" mommy meet up with my amazing SAHM friends!! It is always a fresh breath of air to be able to talk to other moms who know exactly what you deal with all day. It was a pleasure to see everyone and their adorable kids! My kids behaved remarkably well!

I have come to find out that my kids are easier for me when it is only me if that makes any sense at all. Yes they drive me beyond crazy, but they are use to it being just us so when someone comes over they want to show off and not listen even more so then normal. Alicia starts becoming a bad listener right before Jon wakes up for the day which puts me in a bad mood since she has usually been good all day up until that point.

I am now debating on where I should send her to Junior PreK next year. If I should put her in our school district or keep her in the school she is in now. Decisions decisions!

I have a busy busy weekend coming up with lots of stuff to do with the kids. FINALLY decorating for Halloween on Friday, also carving pumpkins (MIL may drop by, I got a heads up for that one!) Saturday we have a soccer game, a baby gender reveal party, I'm signing up for my basketball location, Sunday we have church and I'm completely sure I've forgotten something I just don't have my calender in my bed with me.

As Halloween approached I miss my dad more and more. Halloween was his favorite time of year and it is mine also. I always try to decorate to the point that my dad would tell me how awesome I am for making my house the coolest on the block. (May post pictures if I still have anyone reading this!)


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