Thursday, October 24, 2013

"I'm a little wet"

I promise I thought Alicia would never be potty trained. I think it was when I told her that she couldn't start preschool as a baby that always pees in her clothes that it finally hit her. It was overnight that she would tell me she needed to go potty. All she needed was the first day of school. I wish I had known that earlier, would have saved a million stickers all over my house, tons of dollar tree toy bribes, stuffed animals, candy. I am not beneath bribing my kids!!
Now we go back and forth with nighttime accidents she can go days or weeks without having one, and all of a sudden its every night twice a night. Her newest thing is "holding it like a big girl." That is all she wants to be. BIG. Alicia now wants to keep playing like the big kids and pees a little. Naturally she doesn't want me to be upset so she runs over and says, "Mommy, it's okay, but, I'm a little wet." This would be fine except the face she makes when she says it. It takes every ounce of strength for me not to bust out laughing. The majority of the time we are at home no problem, change her clothes if need be and she is done. I have stopped bringing her a spare change of clothing in public (mean mommy I know) so if she is "a little wet" we leave. If we are out playing, shopping, the park, friends house. We leave. That has solved that problem :) NOW if I could only leave our house when she pees at home! 

I am scared of starting to potty train Levi. I hear boys are harder, especially since I don't have the same "equipment." Maybe I'll start now, and buy stock in my favorite wine.


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